Temporary Menu

Temporary Menu

January 21, 2020


It’s limited, it’s temporary, it’s exceptional … not to be missed …

Our Temporary four-handed menu needs no introduction … from 25 to 29 January. Live ‘The experience of taste’.

She: self-taught and combative, she began his professional career in an Abruzzese kitchen, coming into contact with food artisans, who is behind the world of catering, pastors, cheesemakers, farmers, as in an obstacle course with a happy ending, he comes to collect great national and international experiences.

From starred restaurant Devero di Bartolini, to Maeemo of Oslo, from the return in Italy and collaboration with Terry Giacomello, to the new great experience abroad, in one of the best restaurants in the world, the Frantzèn of Stoccolma.

Among the twelve young chefs chosen by Carlo Cracco as ambassadors of taste. Avant-garde, good practice of cultural contamination and roots in origins.

Chef Lucia Tellone

He: determined and enterprising, start from Messina, graduated from the prestigious University of Taste in Perugia, he obtained a master’s degree with Chef Davide Scabin and started traveling in Italy and in Europe: Paris, Copenaghen, Wien, collecting important experiences in the world of the highest international catering.

Captured by Mediterranean cuisine, he returns to Sicily, appreciating its riches and potential, as Chef in restaurant Cusiritati di Panarea, where he has the opportunity to tell his idea and concept of cooking and to learn every secret about the sea and fish.
His great experience with a Mediterranean flavor, led him to the podium of the Italian Bia CousCous Championship, appreciated by colleagues, experts and national media.

Chef Salvatore Danny Denaro

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